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RASCHIG hydrolysis stabilisers

for plastics and adhesives, paints, lacquers, rubber

Working with materials that tend toward hydrolytic decomposition always runs the risk of quality loss, which ultimately leads to a reduced product life span. In order to protect the performance capability and durability of your products, RASCHIG hydrolysis stabiliser additives possess essential properties for improving the stability of polymer systems. Our additives possess an especially homogeneous molecular distribution and thus provide an effective deceleration of the hydrolytic decay process, in that they ensure greater resistance of the materials against air humidity and acids. Your materials thus retain their elasticity and flexibility and do not become brittle.


RASCHIG hydrolysis stabiliser additives are used in PET, PBT and PA plastics, polyurethane-based glues and thermoplastic rubber. Should you wish more information on properties and application areas, contact us for a personal consultation and let yourself be convinced by RASCHIG special additives.

Hydrolysis stabiliser additives
for polyurethane-based adhesives

for elastic and flexible products