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Additives for acid zinc baths

Emulgatoren und Netzmittel, Glanzbildner

Galvanising is among the most common methods for protecting a work piece from corrosion. RASCHIG offers high quality additives for acid and alkaline zinc baths. Here, a thin layer of zinc is applied in the galvanic bath. The result is shining galvanised parts that, due to their even, smooth surface, provide long-lasting corrosion protection. Galvanising is for this reason used for many products like screws and nuts, automotive parts, fitting parts, brake lines, etc.


Acid zinc baths are the most broadly used process, as these, in contrast with alkaline baths, result in a stronger shine and additional levelling. The baths are suited both for drum and frame processes. They are easy to monitor, are highly stable, form only a small amount of hydrogen in the process, but at the same time demonstrate a very efficient current yield. Acid zinc baths are especially well-suited for durable parts like screws and cast parts for which shine is important, but shopping carts for department stores can also be galvanised with this process at a high level of quality.


RASCHIG manufactures non-ionic and anionic surfactants under the brand name RALU®FON, as well as benzalacetone.

Zinc baths as the conventional method
for protection against corrosion


RALUFON® F 11-13


Top brighteners:


RASCHIG RALU®FON works as a basic brightener that results in shining, even separations in combination with top brighteners like benzalacetone and 2-Chlorobenzaldehyde (oCB). Because these are not water-soluble in the acid zinc bath, they must first be brought into a solution by a surfactant. The advantages of RALU®FON products lie in the fact that they possess no cloud point and at the same time improve the separation of evenly shining zinc layers. As sulphonates, the products are also extremely stable in the galvanic zinc bath and are not corroded by hydrolysis. All products are free of mineral salts, which might otherwise build up in the bath.


RASCHIG RALU®FON NAPE 14-90 is the leader among surfactants, because it is foam-inhibited and can thus also be used in baths moved by air. It is used in the acid zinc bath, but also in acid copper and silver baths. Because it increases the cloud point in the zinc bath, the process can run at a higher temperature. With RALU®FON NAPE 14-90, you also reduce the consumption of the top brightener benzalacetone. This is the top brightener for acid zinc and acid tin baths. However, because benzalacetone is not water-soluble, it must first be brought into a solution by a surfactant.


We are happy to assist you with more information about our RALUFON® products RALU®FON NAPE 14-90, RALU®FON EA 15-90, RALU®FON F 11-13, RALU®FON EN 16-80, as well as benzalacetone. We look forward to hearing from you.